How to enter

Please note that the 2013 competition has now closed. If you are interested in entering in 2014, please contact us.

The Lonmin Design Innovation Award is a platinum-based competition aimed at designers who are looking to drive forward innovative jewellery design. The competition runs annually and 2013 is the eleventh year.

Following on from the success of introducing a theme last year, we are delighted to be theming the competition once again with the help of Adorn Insight*, the leading global jewellery trends analysis agency.

Special Theme: New Frontiers

This is a trend inspired by groundbreaking design movements such as Modernism, Bauhaus and Art Deco which looked to a bright new future whilst producing design relevant to contemporary lifestyles.

Brief : To design a piece of jewellery with platinum as the hero of the story. Push both material and medium forward by subverting or evolving the conventions of traditional platinum jewellery. Consider the overall impact of your final piece with a particular focus on form and silhouette and also consider evoking a sense of movement. Remember that negative space can be an effective part of visual appeal. Function (fastening, mounts, claws etc) should be as important and aesthetically satisfying as purely decorative elements.

Criteria for Entry

  • The competition is open to all UK-based designers and UK tax payers, whether independent or working for a manufacturer or retailer, operating within the UK;

  • Designers are invited to submit a drawing, story board or image of a NEW, innovative and unusual piece in platinum, following the brief provided with the special theme for 2013: New Frontiers;

  • There are two categories: Emerging Designers - less than 5 years as a jewellery designer and Established designers - more than 5 years as a jewellery designer.  Students may only enter if they are in their final year or are postgraduates; there will be 3 winners chosen from each category;

  • Any type of jewellery is eligible e.g. neckwear, ring, wristwear, earrings, cufflinks, head pieces, etc;

  • The predominant metal/material of the piece must be PLATINUM;

  • Stones and other materials can be included, however the metal should be the hero of the design;

  • The design should be new for this competition, innovative and design-led;

  • The piece should be wearable;

  • Designers must be able to demonstrate that it is technically possible to create the proposed design in platinum.

 Rules and Conditions of Entry 


  • The piece entered should be a completely new idea designed for the Lonmin Design Innovation Award.  For example, it must not have won an award/competition before, nor should it have been entered into another competition or project; it should not have been previously manufactured in a different metal; it should not have been retailed either through a manufacturer, retailer or independently;

  • If you are selected as a winner, it is essential that you have the budget to make up the piece in platinum, and in the given time. 

  • One item per Application Form.  You may submit a maximum of two entries;

  • You are not required to send in a made up piece to enter the competition.  You will only be required to make up your design should you be selected as a winner;

  • All drawings or photographs must be mounted or framed or presented in a professional way.  There are no rules on the size of the entry;

  • You may include progression drawings and back up material such as your inspirations to help the judges understand how you came up with your design. However, it is not essential to include this information.

Deadlines and how to take part

  • The judging will take place in May by a distinguished panel of judges who will select six winners (3 from each category) who have submitted the most creative and innovative designs, following the given brief.

  • Submit the Application Form with your drawing/image by Wednesday 1st May 2013; The 2013 competition is now closed.

  • Winners will be notified immediately after the judging and will have a maximum of ten weeks to make up their piece.

  • Full details about the prize, which will include a contribution to the production of your piece as well as publicity and recognition, will be announced soon.

Please register your interest in the competition by emailing or call 020 8995 5006. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

*With special thanks also to Adorn Insight, the leading global jewellery trends analysis agency providing strategic, consumer-focused solutions to the jewellery industry across all sectors from fashion and designer to luxury fine jewellery, for providing the theme to this year’s competition.